The Tricks This Dog Can Do Will Leave Your Jaw On The Ground

We’ve all seen the traditional agility training, usually reserved for collies or shepherds. The canine competitions are set up in big arenas with stadium seating, where spectators can politely watch from the sidelines. Shiny awards are given to the fastest, most accurate pups, and they get their picture taken with their well-groomed coats and brand-new trophies.

Dogs are very athletic animals, capable of learning super-impressive tricks, but you hardly see such dexterity outside of the agility course. Unless we’re talking about TreT, an American Staffordshire terrier. He’s taken agility training to a whole new level, pushing the boundaries in urban settings and using the space around him rather than a contrived course. You could call it parkour, but TreT-Style might be more appropriate.

TreT and his owner, Elchaninov Eugene, live in Ukraine, but they travel all over the world to train and play in different environments.

They work for hours and hours in order to master their enormous roster of tricks.

The puller, a durable training tool, is what motivates TreT to really go for it.

And all that training really pays off!

He’s one of the best parkour athletes out there, and he’s able to do things no human could do.

He clearly has a very fulfilling life, running around in the fresh air rather than being a couch potato.

Just look at that smile and those impressive moves!

Watch a day in the life of this parkour pup:

It’s so clear that TreT loves to train, and it just goes to show how smart, talented, and agile many dog breeds can be if you just put in a little effort. While TreT has an aggressive, go-getter attitude as an athlete, he’s never been malicious towards people. His owner and parkour buddies say he’s the sweetest pup they’ve met.

For more tricks from TreT, you can like his Facebook page or check out his website, where you can also find tips on how you can train your dog.

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